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International Express Experts Ensure that your express delivery results are accurate and easy to operate.
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Simple operation, global network, expert advice to help your international business run successfully
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Providing domestic express, warehousing, transshipment, commodity export and other businesses in the United States, covering a wide range of areas
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S7 Express Headquartered in Hawaii, USA. The company mainly undertakes goods logistics express delivery from the United States to China, collecting and transporting goods from China to the United States, export declaration, air cargo, etc. Mainly serve: Chinese shopping websites, business customers, online shopping customers and Chinese Americans, to provide our customers with professional and high-quality express service from the United States to China and Hong Kong. Customer first is our service purpose, fast, safe, accurate and considerate service is customer satisfaction is our pursuit. We operate in good faith and serve in good faith, providing customers with good and reassuring logistics express service. Our advantages: 1. Professional customer service team to provide you with quality service, after-sales is not excellent. 2. Self-operated warehouse, free of charge for sub-boxes, free of general reinforcing fees. 3. Have a professional customs clearance team, stable transit time, cargo safety is guaranteed. 4. Long-term focus on U.S. to China routes. 5. Experienced professional team, waybill can be tracked throughout, customer service seconds Reply.

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